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APB Signature Art Prize

Asia Pacific Breweries(APB) Foundation

With our Four Milestone strategy, we introduced the APB Signature Art Prize, which is a little unfamiliar to Korea, and through which we generated interest from contemporary artists of Korea and the media related to the arts.


The Challenge

The Prestigious APB Signature Art Prize, supported by the Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Foundation of Singapore and organized by the Singapore Art Museum, was keenly contested by 130 recent works from 24 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region. South Korea participated in this contest for the first time and attracted attention with 10 nominated artworks, which was the highest number among the participating countries. PR House is requested to publicize this Art Prize strategically in Korean as a contest to stimulate the development of contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region, and introduce Korean artists and promote Korean artworks which are becoming popular.

The Solution

PR House proceeded with PR activities by setting four main milestones in order to introduce the APB Signature Art Prize in South Korea and promote the strength of Korean arts through local artists participating for the first time.
By setting four milestones, PR House conducted the activities in stages from August 2011 to March 2012, by informing of the art prize through main issues, introducing the 10 Korean artists and 10 pieces of art, and presenting 2 Korean artworks intensively in a country which made it into the finals. In the case of the awards ceremony for the main prize, PR House developed and distributed news articles about the entire event, exhibition and the winning prize through a Korean journalist from top tier media to Singapore.

The Result

With the four milestones strategy, we introduced the second APB Signature Art Prize in local market. Though it is a little unfamiliar to Korea, we cultivated interest from lots of contemporary Korean artists and media related to the arts. In addition, we attracted the attention of domestic art foundations and societies through the highest number of nominated Korean artworks in this international competition.