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NENE Chicken

NENE Chicken

By implementing various PR activities and maximizing issues, we responded actively to take the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the brand image.


The Challenge

NENE Chicken, since the foundation of the franchise headquarters in 1999, has maintained high quality growth and positioned itself as a pure national chicken brand. However, PR was needed to raise brand awareness in the keen competition with many other chicken franchise brands and maintain the brand image through crisis maintenance to cope with the situation that more and more people distrust the food. In addition, PR activities have been important to improve the brand image as a good and well contributed company who fulfill its social responsibilities.

The Solution

PR House measured that NENE Chicken needs to increase brand reputation with its differentiated points from other chicken franchise brands, and began to conduct various cultural programs. Also, in order to attract young generation who are sensitive to new trends more closely, various issues were made based on new brand ambassador. Furthermore, we focused on media relations continuously through storytelling, advertorial and pictorial means, other on/offline programs, etc. In order to increase the familiarity of the brand to the public. To meet the social interests for safe food, we spread the media coverage according to the crisis management manual.

The Result

By strategically implementing various PR activities, NENE Chicken has improved its brand reputation in the market with a double increase in terms of media coverage throughout the year compared to that of the previous year.