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The key to effective media activity for health related issues is to gain trust using research data, survey findings and expert opinions.


The Challenge

“Pure” by Maeil Dairy is yogurt rich in strong lactobacillus GG without any artificial additives. Lactobacillus GG exclusively provided by Maeil Dairy has been extensively studied around the world since it was isolated by Dr. Gorbach and Dr. Goldin at Tufts University School of Medicine. So, the challenge was to make a buzz around the fact that Pure contains a lot of lactobacillus GG, which is good for health by publicizing that it is effective in boosting immune system.

The Solution

To that end, communication programs were developed using academic data and international and domestic experts to highlight the fact that lactobacillus GG is effective in boosting immune system. As a first step, academic data was used to bring visibility to the effectiveness of lactobacillus GG in boosting the immune system. In addition, the lactobacillus GG symposium organized by the Korean Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria publicized that lactobacillus GG serves as an immune stimulator and is effective in preventing allergic diseases through the lectures and presentations by renowned experts at home and abroad.

The Result

Trust was gained by publicizing the fact lactobacillus GG is effective in boosting the immune system using experiment data, papers and experts. Since it was a health related issue, communication activities making use of reliable data based on research data and survey findings were conducted to effectively send messages.