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Johnson & Johnson

1-Day Acuve Moist is contact lens whose target consumers are the first users of contact lens around 20 years old. Considering the product’s positioning, emotional and rational communication was developed targeting 18 to 24 year olds who have not yet discovered their unique charm and allure despite infinite potential to send the brand message.


The Challenge

‘Condition Hutgaesoo,’ an all-natural oriental raisin tea beverage by CJ Group, a South Korea-based food and bio business company, is made of 100 percent of extracts from Korean oriental raisin tree fruits as they have high concentration of active substances. With a healing fever in Korea, an increasing number of consumers were showing interest in healthy drinks. This led to shed light on the effects of Korean oriental raisin tree fruits. CJ is about to launch ‘Condition Hutgaesoo’ a high quality of all-natural oriental raisin tea beverage after the study of consume behavior. They wanted to have marketing activities geared toward sending a brand message of ‘Hutgaesoo, the number one thirst-quenching drink’.

The Solution

To bring visibility to MoistTM Publizen , “I love this feeling campaign” was launched. Targeting the age group from 18 to 24 who first come to use contact lens, our efforts were focused on publicizing safety, convenience and beauty of the product. For instance, college student marketers were selected to act as MoistTM Publizen so as to get closer to the target consumers.

In addition, mentoring classes were organized to help the target consumers to discover their infinite potential and dreams. Three mentors – Jooyeon Kang, an editor of Elle magazine, Steve and Yoni, fashion designers, and Hyekyung Ahn, a celebrity - serving as a rational mentor, an emotional mentor and an eye health messenger respectively were selected. The three mentors directly communicated with the target consumers, which was used in online and offline promotion to effective deliver the brand message.

The Result

The marketing activities of 1-Day Acuve Moist with a key brand message of “my first contact lens I meet when I turn 20” were intended to encourage positive postings about the product from the targeted age group from 18 to 24. Product branding was done through media exposure using the well-known mentors. The emotionally rich messages contributed to greatly upgrading the product image.