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Condition Hutgaesoo (oriental raisin tea beverage)


Continuous marketing communications activities have brought the brand ‘Condition Hutgaesoo’ closer to consumers as ‘the number one thirst-quenching drink’ in Korea.


The Challenge

‘Condition Hutgaesoo,’ an all-natural oriental raisin tea beverage by CJ Group, a South Korea-based food and bio business company, is made of 100 percent of extracts from Korean oriental raisin tree fruits as they have high concentration of active substances. With a healing fever in Korea, an increasing number of consumers were showing interest in healthy drinks.
This led to shed light on the effects of Korean oriental raisin tree fruits. CJ is about to launch ‘Condition Hutgaesoo’ a high quality of all-natural oriental raisin tea beverage after the study of consume behavior. They wanted to have marketing activities geared toward sending a brand message of ‘Hutgaesoo, the number one thirst-quenching drink’.

The Solution

PR House joined an integrated marketing campaign to make an issue surrounding ‘Condition Hutgaesoo.’ To deliver a key brand message, a various campaign activities were conducted.
To maximize the campaign effects, advertisements featuring celebrities and product placement on TV were utilized for creating a buzz around the brand. In respond to the changes to consumption trends, target-specific customized promotion was done to build strong brand awareness.
Online viral marketing and street events were also actively used.

The Result

The integrated marketing communications efforts including offline promotions, media activities, online viral, and advertisement successfully enhanced the brand awareness among consumers. Continuous brand-building activities continued such as drink events on streets during a summer vacation season, marketing programs targeting college students, recruitment of non-celebrity models for advertisement and others. This has brought the brand ‘Condition Hutgaesoo’ closer to consumers as the number one thirst-quenching drink in Korea.