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Press conference with the Ecuadorian

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Commercial Office of Ecuador in Korea

“The Diplomatic Mission of Ecuador in Korea was very satisfied with the service provided by PR House during two major events of year 2013: Investment Road Show and Minister Of Foreign Affairs official visit to Korea.
In both events’ image, creativity, time availability and coverage were key aspects to achieve our goals"

Marcelo Pazos Hernandez, General Director
Commercial Office of Ecuador in Korea


The Challenge

Ricardo Patiño, the minister of foreign affairs in Ecuador, visited Korea to have a meeting with his Korean counterpart and meet eminent persons from various fields in administration, politics, academy, science, media, etc., to exchange various opinions for the development of the bilateral relationship after the launching of new governments in the two countries. Despite the short visit, he had to make an opportunity to establish a favorable relationship between the two countries by actively promoting the diplomatic activities with Korea.

The Solution

PR House conducted the pre-phase of the PR activities to inform of Ecuador and the purpose of the visit of the minister of foreign affairs. In addition, we highlighted the issue of asylum for Julian Assange, who is staying at the Embassy of Ecuador in the U.K., and made a hot issue worldwide at the time of his application. We used the issue as a strategic method to politicize the diplomatic progress of Korea and Ecuador, and raise attention for this country.

The Result

Before having the successful press conference with the Ecuadorean Minister of Foreign Affairs to improve the bilateral diplomatic relationship, we delivered messages of the meaning of his visit through the introduction of Ecuador and the trade and investment in progress between the two countries as well as the technical agreement with Korea. With the pre-phase, we highlighted the worldwide issue of the asylum claim of Julian Assange to maximize the attention of domestic media. This led to the participation of major broadcasting media and major dailies and coverage which resulted in hundreds of articles in the newspapers. To raise the effect of the press conference, we delivered the planned message constantly through photo articles, interview, and roundtable meetings, and maximized the attention of the media, which led to successful achievement of our goals.