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Korea Overseas Investment Fair 2013

Commercial Office of Ecuador in Korea

“The Diplomatic Mission of Ecuador in Korea was very satisfied with the service provided by PR House during two major events of year 2013: Investment Road Show and Minister Of Foreign Affairs official visit to Korea.
In both events’ image, creativity, time availability and coverage were key aspects to achieve our goals"

Marcelo Pazos Hernandez, General Director
Commercial Office of Ecuador in Korea

The Challenge

The commercial office of Ecuador in Korea participated in ‘2013 Korea Overseas Investment Fair’ and conducted various PR activities to promote the export goods of Ecuador and attract investment. In order to expose the features of export goods of Ecuador in the exhibition, PR House is requested to do both direct and indirect marketing activities.

Focused on direct PR activities such as creative design and decoration, and indirect activities such as media exposure for the promotion of agricultural products in Korea to raise the awareness of Ecuador.

The Solution

PR House conducted various activities by creative design works which highlight the features of Ecuador in the exhibition. Not only direct but also indirect activities were set to raise positive awareness of Ecuador for business and investment and deliver a constant message and image.

The Result

The direct/indirect marketing activities for the exhibition raised attention to Ecuador as well as awareness of business, trade investment and agricultural/export products of Ecuador sharply. We exposed the message of the event to raise the opportunity for business, trade and investment constantly, which resulted in a successful meeting with media, including related business meetings.