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Seoul 2012 Nuclear Industry Summit for
Nuclear Security and Safety

Korea Hydro & Nuclear power

“Thanks for the great work of PR House team for 2013 Nuclear Industry Summit. We appreciate for all your efforts for the successful event and media relations. You continue to dazzle us! I'm very impressed."

Geunsoon Lee, General Manager, Preparatory Secretariat of Nuclear Industry Summit, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

The Challenge

The Seoul 2012 Nuclear Industry Summit for Nuclear Security and Safety was held to raise interest in the nuclear industry among the public by leveraging on world’s renowned figures of the nuclear community to boost the chances of holding a successful the Nuclear Security Summit 2012 scheduled to be held in Seoul in following days.
The challenge was to regain trust from the public on nuclear safety, which was shattered into pieces following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima by showing the united commitment of the industry to stronger international nuclear security and safety.

The Solution

It is important to continue to publicize the significance of the summit among the public and across the nuclear industry with a variety of PR activities. These were designed to raise interest and awareness about the Nuclear Industry Summit at home and abroad. We, PR House, conducted three-phase media activities before, during and after the event for targeted as well as general audience. From Day-100 starting with the nuclear security and safety workshop, feature articles, contributions by and interviews with the industry people and experts were generated while sending messages on nuclear security and safety through the social network targeting the general public. On the day of nuclear security summit, media relations activities were conducted in a number of ways including press conferences, meetings and individual interviews to help some 1,000 international and domestic reporters on hand with reporting, sending strategically consistent messages throughout those activities.

In addition, group interviews and media roundtable meetings were arranged to accommodate the interest of the media. All was aimed at delivering the importance of nuclear security and safety.

The Result

These media activities led to over 500 pieces of news coverage by international and domestic TV, radio channels, newspapers and online media. In addition, pre-registration and management of international and domestic media made it possible to deliver responses that fit into the characteristics of each media channel and also helped to support reporting in accordance with stringent safety and security requirements. The success of the Nuclear Industry Summit gave rise to that of the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, demonstrating the industry’s united committed toward stronger international nuclear security and safety system.