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PROPAK ASIA 2011 is an event that brings together new technologies and trends of ever-evolving processing and packaging industries. ‘With a theme of Go Clean, Go Green, Go Together’ a green technology promotional campaign was pursued for the event to highlight environmentally-friendly technologies, raise awareness about environmental challenges, reduce the use of raw materials and promote recycling.

The Challenge

PROPAK ASIA is Asia’s one of the world’s top five processing and packaging exhibitions and its
The 19th event, PROPAK ASIA 2011 was held in Thailand. Since the event was to be held in Thailand, our challenge was to raise awareness before its opening to encourage more Korean companies to attend the event.

The Solution

PR House held a briefing session and a cocktail reception targeting people in packaging machinery to introduce the event and encourage more attendance. Utilizing a database with information on 15000 relevant companies, we sent out reception invitations to industry people and enhanced publicity of the event by inviting the media as well to introduce the event and encourage participation.

The Result

Some 200 people attended the event, showing the interest in PROPAK ASIA and the packaging market of Southeast Asia including Thailand. In addition, reporters from 30 or so media participated in the event, which resulted in over 30 news articles, maximizing the media exposure of the promotional event in Korea and the exhibition in Thailand.