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Universal Robots


“Grace and her colleagues are very professional, well organized and efficient. This professionalism combined with Grace’s extensive media network has given us very fast and extensive media coverage and thereby played an important role in the development of our Korean business”

“It is a pleasure working with Grace and her colleagues. Grace recently organized a very good press conference – with a wide variety of media present. A conference gave immediate positive media coverage.”

Enrico Krog Iversen
CEO of Universal Robots

The Challenge

Universal Robots is a manufacturer of industrial robots based in Demark founded in 2005 with a mission of building industrial robots anyone can use. Its robots are easy to program and safe for operators to work with, changing the game of manufacturing automation. Although it was a rapidly growing global company it was not officially introduced to the Korean media until September 2013. Korea was one of those countries seeing a rapid growth of robotics and there were already a number of companies fiercely competing in the market. This called for extra efforts to raise awareness of Universal Robots.

Against this backdrop, PR House started media activities with an aim of enhancing brand awareness through introduction of the company and its products and strengthening its presence in the Korean market.

The Solution

Universal Robots offers unique collaborative robot arms that are easy to program and safe featuring a user-friendly interface. With such distinctive features in mind, our PR efforts were focused on positioning Universal Robots as a leader in manufacturing industrial co-bots by highlighting its differentiators such as superior performance and price competitiveness compared to its competition.

To strengthen its presence in Korea, media activities were conducted including pitching interviews with key management and feature articles targeting industry’s major media, and introducing case studies. In addition, to enhance its awareness within the industry, government relations activities were carried out as well, for instance, meetings with industry people, government and relevant associations.

Notable media activities included the first press conference Universal Robots held in Korea when its CEO visited Korea in September 2014, introducing the company and its products. The press conference providing the first meeting with the CEO and introducing its products was well received among reporters, resulting in a great deal of media coverage. In conjunction with media activities, business meetings were arranged with robotics associations, suppliers and distributors vcreating practical business opportunities.

The Result

PR activities focusing on Universal Robots’ unique technology leadership created the image that its robots are safe and the only industrial robots with GUI interface while strengthening its image as the leader in industrial robots.

Although the press conference held in September 2014 was the first one arranged in Korea, active communication efforts targeting major dailies, IT and industry media successfully created a buzz around the event. This resulted in twice as many reporters as anticipated attending the press conference with almost 40 news articles reported.