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The strategic media relations planning and message strategy for STMicrolectronics was aimed at having more coverage for ST compared to its competition in a quantitative sense while qualitatively offering a variety of feature stories and technical articles of ST to promote its products and solutions in a multi-faceted way.


The Challenge

STMicroelectronics is a major global semiconductor company that offers services to customers in a wide-range area from sensor and power, automotive products to embedded processing solutions. With various electronic application offerings, it is a leader in rapidly changing technology and software as well as in humanizing technology using the Internet Infrastructure. However, its products, solutions and technology are hard to understand as they are very extensive and based on state-of-the art innovations. Thus, the key challenge is to deliver easy-to-understand messages with high accuracy to give greater visibility to its technology.

The Solution

As part of its efforts to publicize a wide-range of products and solutions of STMicroelectronics, PR House has focused on developing and delivering accurate materials while heavily relying on ‘education sessions’ to help people better understand its products and solutions. It has arranged meetings where reporters meet with ST marketers and engineers as we consider it a top-priority to make reporters understand advanced technology and help them study something not familiar to them. This has helped to promote not only the current technology of ST but also its future technology leadership while bringing more visibility to the company itself.

In addition, the materials about rich technology and solutions of the global semiconductor leader have been also used as kind of a tool to give it more media exposure.

The Result

These activities have led to quantitatively more article coverage for the company compared to its competitors while a variety of feature stories and technical articles have qualitatively exposed its products and solutions to the media in a multi-faceted way. Over the last year, over 1,000 articles have been generated including technical articles designed to boost understanding of broad and difficult technical aspects, feature series and introductory articles of fundamental technology. This has helped better communicate with the targeted audience.